Payroll Processing

Managing Payroll activities requires timely and accurate control of finances. Payroll activity consists of maintaining records pertaining to salaries, wages, bonus and deductions including various statutory deductions like Employees State Insurance (ESI), Provident Fund (PF) etc.

Outsourcing payroll services is cost efficient as the professionals and accounting experts assist you with compliant and accurate financial control.

Why Outsource to GSSV?

  • Our teams of professionals reduce the burden of processing on your company. There is no need to get involved in tedious and time consuming payroll related activities. The company can concentrate on developmental projects and strategies. The process of growth can go on
  • It reduces the cost of operation by about 40 to 50%. Apart from this, the profitability is also increased.
  • It saves on manpower and helps the business grow without any constraints. The occasional increase in pressure and additional workload can be managed efficiently.

Customized solutions are provided for all your problems related to payrolls

At GSSV, we make sure that there is timely payment in your organization keeping in mind your compensation policies. Apart from this our unique features in providing payroll services are:

  • We control your unique processing rules and calculations using fast formulas that are simple as well as configurable. We systemize and simplify the process of payrolls.
  • Set up cost is reduced significantly and also the processing time and error. Experts ensure accuracy and efficiency in carrying out the functions.
  • We also reconcile the errors while maintaining calculations and thus maintaining accuracy.
  • We manage calculations of multiple groups of employees satisfying every organizations specific need. Systematized and sophisticated software is used to have error free and accurate calculations. The information for tax filling is also provided in time.
  • Perfect confidentiality is maintained. The company accounts, reports, finances etc, all information regarding these are treated as private and confidential..


In today’s competitive environment, a strong internal control environment is essential to allow the business leaders to concentrate on growth.


Our professionals with their diversified knowledge and crave for excellence attitude cover the spectrum of direct, indirect and international tax.

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For running any organization, it needs to maintain exhaustive records of its purchase, sale, receipts and payments.

Payroll Processing

Managing Payroll activities requires timely and accurate control of finances. Payroll activity consists of maintaining records.

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Why Choose Us

We are team of experienced professionals who add value to their business.
Our clients can expect:

Expertise and Experience

Our team of Chartered Accountants brings years of expertise and experience to handle all your financial needs.

Personalized Approach:

We understand that every client is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements, providing personalized attention and solutions.

Trust and Reliability:

We prioritize trust and reliability, ensuring utmost confidentiality and integrity in handling your financial information and affairs.

Proactive Guidance:

Our proactive approach helps you stay ahead by identifying opportunities, minimizing risks, and maximizing your financial success.

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